As you have certainly read, we only use natural fabrics MADE IN ITALYLet’s have a look to why they are so special and popular all around the world.


Genuine Italian fabrics all consist of organic, natural textiles. While other fabrics contain synthetic, man-made textiles, Italian fabrics do not. Instead, they are made of natural textiles like cotton, wool and linen, which are meticulously woven to create top-tier garments and accessories. If you’re looking for a high-quality suit -for instance- there’s no substitution for genuine Italian fabric. From the moment you first wear one, you’ll realize why Italian fabrics are revered among fashion experts.


One of the features you’ll find in genuine Italian fabric is a unique weaving pattern. The Italian textile industry has occupied a position of supremacy in the world since the late Middle Ages. When compared to English and American-made fabrics, the weaving patterns of Italian-made fabrics are truly unique and aren’t found elsewhere. Any designer who knows their stuff can spot an Italian fabric by looking at the weaving alone. If you have ever worn a garment made with a genuine Italian fabric, then you know that these materials not only differ in their excellent appearance, but adapt perfectly to the body. The combination of style and functionality confirmed over the years is what distinguishes an Italian material from any other.


You’ll probably discover that genuine Italian fabrics are softer and more comfortable to wear than suits made of other fabrics. Angora wool, for example, is recognized throughout the world as being one of the softest fabrics on the planet. Originating in Italy, it comes from the undercoat of the Angora rabbit. Suits made of genuine Italian Angora wool are somewhat rare.


Italian fabrics aren’t sent off abroad for finishing, and that’s evident in the quality of the final product. Founded in the early 1900s, many Italian wool mills are still in operation and they get the best raw material from the best breeders in the world and then woven. The Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill, Loro Piana and other true Italian fabric mills are responsible for producing the world’s finest fabrics used to make high-end Italian garments and accessories.

There are so many small places in Italy famous for different type of textiles, each of then excelling in their particular fabric fine weaving or knit and quality.


Garments made with Italian fabrics don’t just last for years, they last for decades. Again, this is due to their unique weaving patterns combined with their superior durability. Italian fabrics can last for decades, all while offering the highest level of performance.


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